How your donation is distributed

These are just some of the ways we put your generous contributions to use in 2017:

Catholic Charities – $40,000

Ministering to the underprivileged and underserved of the Diocese

Catholic Schools – $15,000

Classroom furniture, educational technology materials, school yard improvements, funding for a new bus

Building repairs – $12,500

Aid to various churches for boiler and electrical upgrades, parish hall improvements, and gutter and eaves replacements.

Priests’ Retirement – $20,000

Aid to the fund for retired priests, which provides health care and living supplementation for priests who have given their lives in service.

Evangelization aid – $3,000

Supplementing adult religious education and tuition aid for k-12 students attending Catholic schools

operation costs – $5,000

Helping the day-to-day operations of reservations missions and Catholic churches

Supporting Clergy

Catholic Charities

Education and Evangelization

Missions and Building Fund

Ministry and Outreach

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