“Each year the Bishop’s Appeal helps to spread the Gospel message of Christ by supporting ministries that fulfill the spiritual and physical needs of the Diocese of Gallup. Your prayerful and monetary contributions will directly benefit not only the poor among us, but also your fellow Catholics and their children, our seminarians, and the beautiful and historic places of worship located in our Diocese. I am both humbled and grateful to you as I extend the invitation to participate in the Bishop’s Appeal.”


– Bishop James S. Wall


In 2015, the Appeal raised over $418,712. Below, please find examples of how this money was used in our Diocese.




$164,000 to Catholic Schools


$66,000 for St. Francis School, Gallup NM

St. Francis School was provided assistance with paying for insurance.


$40,000 for St. Teresa of Avila School, Grants NM

St. Teresa School was provided funding to support their scholarship fund for low income students ($15,000) and subsidies for teacher salaries ($25,000).


$24,000 for St. Francis School in Lumberton, NM

Catholic School teachers work hard to ensure that their students receive a top-of-the-line education, and deserve proper compensation. Because schools in the Diocese of Gallup serve a poorer population and charge less for tuition than many schools throughout the country, it can be challenging for our schools to pay their teachers a fair wage. The funding received by St. Francis School in Lumberton helped to fund teacher’s salaries.


$20,000 for St. Joseph School in San Fidel, NM

St. Joseph School is nearly 100 years old, with most of the original buildings still in use. The funding provided for the school helped to cover general operating costs.


$2,000 for Sacred Heart School in Gallup, NM

Each of our schools is fully accredited through the WCEA. The funding provided for this school helped to cover accreditation costs.


$10,000 to St. Mary Mission in Tohatchi, NM and $2,000 to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Page, AZ

These funds helped to support scholarships and evangelization projects for students who attend the parishes.


$150,000 for Catholic Charities


There are 5 Catholic Charities agencies in our Diocese. Their daily services include hot meals, counseling and immigration services, emergency housing and bills support, clothing drives, food pantries, and more.


$20,000 for priests’ retirement

Many retired priests still contribute heavily to the well-being of Catholics in the Diocese of Gallup. They travel far distances to cover Masses at parishes, minister to the sick, and administer the sacraments. Even after a lifetime of service, they continue to give. The Appeal provided money to the priests’ retirement fund in order to continue to meet the spiritual, physical, and mental needs of our retired priests.


$8,000 for St. Patrick Parish and its missions Good Shepherd and San Lorenzo


These three churches, located in Chichiltah, Pinehaven, and Ramah, NM, sought assistance to purchase new Mass materials and assistance with building insurance and maintenance.


$6,000 for sisters’ retirement

Women religious also continue to support and serve their communities long after retirement age. Their good works and efforts help to spread the mission of the Church to all corners of the Diocese. This funding was provided to help support the needs of these sisters.


$1,500 to the Kayenta Community Soup Kitchen

Many parishes and missions have community support programs, such as thrift shops, counseling, food and utilities assistance, and more. These funds went to support the work of the soup kitchen in Kayenta.


Total: $349,500. The remainder of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal fund went to recurring yearly expenses, such as salary support for the youth ministry and religious education offices



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"The call of Jesus pushes each of us to never stop at the surface of things, especially when we are dealing with a person. We are called to look beyond, to focus on the heart to see how much generosity everyone is capable. No one can be excluded from the mercy of God; everyone knows the way to access it and the Church is the house that welcomes all and refuses no one."

- Pope Francis