How your donation is distributed

In 2017, we received $396,000. Here’s how those funds were distributed in 2018:

Catholic Charities – $39,300

5 agencies in New Mexico and Arizona which provide emergency aid, food and housing support

Catholic Schools – $57,600

Safe environment training, operating costs for schools, school supplies and classroom technology, staff formation and education

Missions/Parishes – $28,600

Winter heating, church building maintenance and repair, parish audit funding

Vocations, clergy and religious – $126,400

Priests’ healthcare and living expenses, Sisters’ Council travel stipends, continuing education and classes, retirement fund

Ministries – $36,600

Space and support for youth groups, religious education salaries, hospital ministry, prison ministry

Supporting Clergy

Catholic Charities

Education and Evangelization

Missions and Building Fund

Ministry and Outreach

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